Hot coffee for the heat

Uncategorized   |   Jul 08, 2019

Surely for a hot afternoon the least you fancy is a cup of hot coffee. But oddly enough, it is often better to have a hot drink than a cold one to cool off. Yes, the secret lies in the internal cooling mechanism of the organism, when the body temperature increases, it begins to perspire to allow the evaporation of the sweat, regulate the temperature and not damage the internal organs, that’s why, when taking a hot drink you increase the heat and the body regulates itself. When you stay at Hotel Porto Allegro you will find a coffee machine and a load of delicious coffee daily in your room, for your enjoyment. And at night in the hotel lobby, we also offer coffee for free to those who arrive at night, or simply a night owl who wants a cup of coffee and enjoy reading. We always wait for you at Hotel Porto Allegro.

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